Privacy Policy

Contact Citizens Advice Barrow about your information

f you have any questions about how your information is collected or used, you can contact Citizen Advice Barrow.

Admin line 01229 830 367, open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Or email [email protected]

You can contact us to:

  • Find out what personal information we hold about you
  • Correct your information if it’s wrong , out of date of incomplete
  • Request we delete your information
  • Ask us to limit what we do with your data – for example, ask us not to share it if you haven’t asked us already
  • Ask us to give you a copy of the data we hold in a format you can use to transfer it to another service
  • Ask us to stop using your information

Who’s responsible for looking after your personal information?

The National Citizens Advice charity and your local Citizens Advice (Citizens Advice Barrow) operate a system called casebook to keep your personal information safe. This means they’re ‘joint data controller’ for your personal information that’s stored in our Casebook system.

Each local Citizens Advice is an independent charity, and a member of the national Citizens Advice charity. The Citizens Advice membership agreement also requires that the use of your information complies with data protection law.

You can find out more about your data rights on the Information Commissioner’s website.