Employment Advice

We can provide advice and information around problems at work. These might range from being refused time off to take holidays, not being paid on time, being bullied or discriminated against or needing to know what to do if you think you have been unfairly selected for redundancy or dismissal.

What We Can Help With

We can give general advice or information on your rights and responsibilities at work

Assist you with responding to disciplinary action or making a grievance.

We can also advise you about submitting a case to an employment tribunal.

How We Can Help

Call us on 0808 2787 817. Our First Contact Adviser will ask you questions so that we fully understand your situation and can then advise you about your rights and responsibilities. At this stage it is important that you have letters and forms that you want to discuss and also details of your household income. If your employment enquiry is complex we will make an appointment with one of our advisers after we have made an initial assessment.

Additional Resources

Call the Acas helpline 08457 47 47 47 or visit the Acas website

For health and safety at work information see the Health and Safety Executive website

For equality and human rights issues visit the Equality and Human Rights Commission website