Debt Advice

Barrow Citizens Advice receives funding from Cumbria County Council and the Money Advice & Pensions Service specifically to help people deal with debt and manage money. If you are worried about being able to manage your money, need help to work out a budget or look at ways to make your money stretch further or have debt problems we can help. Call us on 0808 2787 817.

We can provide information, advice and support on all aspects of managing money and dealing with debt. Our aim is to help people develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to make informed financial decisions.

What We Can Help With

Managing personal debt, from small one off debts to large and complex debts, including help with insolvency options

Setting an affordable budget

Increasing & maximising income from benefit entitlement & tax credits

Understanding and managing credit

Saving money by spending smartly

Finding the best deals for fuel, water, phones and insurance

How We Can Help

The service we provide is tailored to meet your needs so, for example, if you need help urgently because you cannot pay the rent or mortgage or bailiffs are due to call, we will give advice about how to deal with this and may negotiate on your behalf. We will then agree what other support is needed. This could be working with a specialist worker to look at how you budget, if you can increase your income or save money on essential costs as well as working with a debt caseworker to discuss ways of managing other debts.

You will usually need to have an interview with one of advisers who will discuss with you the best way to help with your situation and to take any actions that need to happen straightaway. At this stage it is important that you bring all letters or forms relating to your debts and all details of your household income. We will then agree any further help you need and arrange appointments.

Additional Resources

For business debts phone Business Debtline 0800 197 6026