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Housing Advice

keys_heritageblueWe can provide advice and information on a range of housing problems. These include questions about your tenancy agreement, deposits you have given to your landlord, or your rights if you are homeless.

We can also help you if you have problems with disrepair in your home, you are at risk of having your home repossessed, or if you need advice about anti social behaviour.

What We Can Help With

  • We can give general advice or information on your rights and responsibilities
  • We can help you to negotiate with your landlord

How We Can Help

Please contact Citizens Advice Barrow. You will need to have a short interview with one of our first contact workers who will discuss with you the best way to help with your enquiry. At this stage it is important that you have  letters and forms that you want to discuss and also details of your household income. If your housing issue is complex we may need to refer you to a specialist adviser after we have  made an initial assessment.

Additional Resources